Coup government forms committee for West Darfur violence

On Friday, the Sudanese coup government formed a committee to investigate the violent events that took place in West Darfur which left hundreds of people dead, wounded, and displaced.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Friday, the Public Prosecutor assigned by the coup government in Sudan, Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa, announced the formation of a committee to investigate the bloody events in the locality of Krink and the city of El Geneina in Darfur.

The committee will be headed by Chief Public Prosecutor Hassan Othman Ahmed and a number of prosecutors and representatives of the relevant authorities .

Deadly armed attacks took place in the Krink locality on April 22 after two men were killed by unknown individuals, which led to the killing of at least 15 and wounding of at least 17, including a woman and three children, in retaliatory violence between the two sides.

The attacks continued for several days, leading to at least 151 killings.

According to unofficial reports, “3” people were killed inside a hospital, two being medical workers. The violence had also spread to El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state.

The Attorney General’s decision, on Friday, specified the committee’s duties to investigate the events that took place in both Krink and El Geneina, and to examine the reasons that led to the outbreak of the events there and the measures taken by the local and state authorities.

The decision gave the committee the powers of the Public Prosecution set forth in the law, to submit reports to the court upon completion, and for the committee to carry out its functions immediately.

The decision also set the committee a period of two weeks to submit its work findings.

The designated governor of West Darfur, Khamis Abdullah Abkar, acknowledged the inability and failure of the state and its agencies and the federal government to protect civilians and stop tribal conflicts and disputes.

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