Security forces accused of using banned Russian weapon against protesters

According to reports published by activists on social media,the weapon used is an internationally banned Russian weapon that utilizes laser technology.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Sources confirmed that the coup authorities in Sudan have used a new weapon to suppress protests that have erupted in Sudan since October 25th of last year.

According to those sources, the weapon that was used during the protests last Thursday and Saturday of this month, in the Buri suburb of Khartoum, have caused those hit by it fractures and severe pain.

A New Weapon

Bloggers on social media stated that the security forces have used a new weapon , one likely using laser technology that delivers direct injuries to the body without leaving external traces.

The bloggers explained that one of the protesters had a strange fracture in his hand while returning a tear gas canisters.

They pointed out that it was a similar injury to the injuries suffered by protesters during protests in central Khartoum last Thursday.

A doctor, having examined these injuries, confirmed that they were a source of concern in the medical community.

The Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan – a non-governmental body – had announced in a statement the monitoring of these injuries, the source of which could not be determined even from the injured.

The committee suggested that these injuries were caused by the security authorities’ use of a new weapon against protesters against the military coup in the country.

Reports published by activists on social media stated that the weapon used in these cases was an internationally prohibited Russian which utilizes laser technology with a range of 100 meters, likened to a “cartridge gun.”

According to participants in the Burri protests, the victim with the fractured hand was suffering from severe pain, but will wait with the rest of those injured with this new technology until the final medical opinion is issued.

Thousands of Sudanese returned to the streets after a truce that lasted for most of the month of Ramadan, by organizing processions in central Khartoum and the Buri suburb east of the Sudanese capital.

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