Security forces resorting to running over protesters more, Sudan Doctors say

Security forces are expanding the use of cars and troop carriers, as a new weapon against peaceful protesters.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A statement issued by the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors revealed on Monday the involvement of the Sudanese security forces in a new running over protesters incident in Burri, Khartoum.

The committee had announced in a report that over 12 incidents of protesters being run over by police vehicles had been reported during the May 5th protests.

Mujtaba Abd al-Salam Othman (23 years) died after being run over by a police vehicle in the latest mass protests in Khartoum.

The Sudanese police’s statements described the incident as a “traffic accident.”

On Monday, the committee confirmed that it had monitored 32 different cases of infection among the protesters in Burri during the May 7 procession.

In contrast to being run over by cars, direct injuries from tear gas canisters and sound bombs were detected.

Burri has been considered one of the strongholds of protests in the country ever since the ouster of former president Omar al-Bashir.

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