Sudanese Teachers’ Committee calls for postponing exams

The Sudanese Teachers’ Committee submitted a memorandum calling for an extension for the secondary certificate exams scheduled for next June, basing their request on a study that suggested some states would not be able to complete the academic courses before the specified exam date.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Teachers’ Committee called on the Ministry of Education to postpone the secondary certificate exams that are announced for the upcoming June.

According to a memorandum submitted to the Minister-designate at the Education ministry, the committee attributed the impact of the teachers’ strike on course completions in many states.

The memorandum considered that there was an urgent need to postpone the Sudanese certificate exams for a period of three weeks in order to provide equal opportunities for students in states whose students were suffering from incomplete syllabuses.

Teachers in Sudan have carried out comprehensive strikes since the tenth of last March, after both Finance and Education ministries ignored a memorandum calling for improving teachers’ conditions and raising the minimum wage.

The committee recently recommended putting the strike on hold in order to follow up on the implementation of what was agreed upon with the official authorities, while maintaining the option to return to the strike if demands were not met.

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