Trump wanted to shut down US embassies in Africa, says former Defense Secretary

In his new book, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that Donald Trump wanted to shut down US embassies all over Africa.

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Politico released excerpts of Esper’s new book A Sacred Oath revealed some of former US president’s unfulfilled foreign policy endeavors.

According to Esper, Trump had once proposed shutting down US embassies in every country in Africa.

“Shut down the embassies in Africa,” Esper quoted Trump, while noting that the former president, who had infamously referred to African countries as “shitholes”, frequently expressed this sentiment.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had once revealed in his memoir titled Disloyal that Trump had questioned whether there has been any country ruled by a black person that wasn’t “a shithole.”

“As a rule, Trump expressed low opinions of all Black folks, from music to culture and politics,” Cohen wrote in his memoir.

Trump had won US presidency in 2016 after he ran a “birther” campaign that questioned then “president Barack Obama’s status as a US citizen, claiming he had been “born in Africa.

The New York Times, reporting on Esper’s book, revealed that Trump had also suggested that a group of Black Lives Matter protestors protesting outside the White House during his tenure as president, should have been shot dead.

Other Trump foreign policy ideas revealed in Esper’s book included taking military action against Venezuela and Iran, blockading Cuba again, and sending missiles into Mexico to destroy “drug labs”.

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