New decisions regarding electricity tariff announced

A specialized committee in Sudan has announced new decisions regarding electricity consumption tariff for agricultural projects.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The committee charged with studying the electricity tariff review announced that two consumption tariffs have been approved for agricultural projects in all Sudanese states.

According to what was reported by Sudan News Agency on Friday, a charge of 3 Sudanese pounds per kilowatt-hour was set for collective projects, and another tariff ranging from 7-17 Sudanese pounds per kilowatt-hour for local agricultural investment projects.

Last January, the Sovereignty Council decided to freeze the increase in electricity prices, following farmers’ protest in northern Sudan.

On Friday, Sudan News Agency indicated that a Northern State Farmers’ Association Committee meeting was held with another committee assigned by the Minister of Energy to study and review the agricultural electricity tariff.

The meeting came out with decisions regarding support for agriculture in the northern state by satisfying some of the demands made by the farmers committee.

Sudan News Agency stated that the committee held two meetings on May 9 and 12, and reached the adoption of the tariff for the agricultural sector and the provision of collection losses for 2022 AD amounting to “150” million pounds (approximately $26 million) to be paid by the Ministry of Finance.

The director of the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company, Chairman of the Committee, Amin Othman Yousef said, according to Sudan News Agency, that it was agreed during the Thursday meeting, that the agricultural electricity tariff will be three pounds per kilowatt as a tariff for collective and cooperative projects in support of small farmers.

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