Theater actor killed by unidentified assailants in Darfur

A new victim is added to those affected by the worrying state of insecurity the Sudanese are living through during the coup government’s era.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Unidentified assailants killed theater actor, Mohamed Youssef Ahmed (known as Andokai), inside his home in the capital of West Darfur, El Geneina.

The killing comes during a time when a great wave of security breaches have recently affected the Darfur region.

The deceased was fatally stabbed several times, with the motives behind his attack yet to be disclosed.

Playwrights in the city have bemoaned the death of Ahmed, calling him one of the pioneers of “street theater” who was always in favor of spreading the values ​​of peaceful coexistence and raising awareness.

The coup authority’s preoccupation with suppressing peaceful protests, and showering only the leaders of the movements that signed the peace agreement with quotas and privileges, led to the outbreak of conflicts in Darfur, the region targeted with the Juba Peace Agreement.

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