3 killed, 8 wounded in crackdown on Sennar protests

Medical sources confirmed to AlTaghyeer that the number of people injured in the protests of the Kanaf Abu Naa’ma project in the state of Sennar in the south of the country has risen to 8.

Khartoum: Ala’a Musa

On Wednesdqay, the Abu Hajjar Resistance Committees announced that three people were killed and five others were wounded by the “coup authorities’ bullets” during a crackdown on protests in Abu Naa’ma.

Medical sources pointed out that some of the injuries were critical, and that they were being transferred from Sinja Hospital to a civilian hospital and Khartoum.

The Rapporteur for the Empowerment Removal Committee in the Sennar state, Ali al-Arsh, told AlTaghyeer that the protests came in rejection of the court’s decision and the project itself, which exploited “disputed” lands belonging to citizens in the area.

Al-Arsh noted that the area residents had began preparing for the new agricultural season, a matter which was met by objection from the force guarding, causing friction between them.

“The armed forces fired tear gas and live bullets at the citizens, killing three people on the spot and wounding eight others,” he said.

He pointed out that the transitional government, which was overthrown in the October 25th coup, had been solving the problem amicably every season for fear of casualties.

Arsh described the situation as tense, expecting it to explode at any moment, as a result of the people’s mobilization to defend their lands, which the government met with major security reinforcements.

On December 24, the Empowerment Removal Committee issued a decision to seize all fixed and movable assets belonging to the Abu Naa’ma Food Production Company Ltd., owned by businessman Muawiyah Al-Barir, and not to dispose of its assets except by order of the committee.

The now-frozen committee arrested the former governor of Sennar, Ahmed Abbas, and a number of his government ministers, in corruption-related reports.

The Abu Naa’ma Food Production Company was established in 2007. Five of its shareholders purchased the land for the  Kanaf project in the city of Abu Naa’ma.

The project employs “500” workers in sustainable jobs, and four thousand seasonal workers, and includes about “90” kilometers of irrigation canals.

AlTaghyeer tried to contact the governor of Sennar, Ibrahim al-Nour, to find out about the events, but failed to receive a response.

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