West Darfur Governor press office demands apology from Sovereignty Council

The press office of the Governor of West Darfur, Khamis Abdullah Abbakar, demanded an apology and clarification from the putschist Sovereign Council, after referring to Abbakar as a “designated governor.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The office indicated in a statement that the media office of the Sovereignty Council published news, on Tuesday, regarding council member Abdel-Baqi Abdel-Qader’s West Darfur visit and his meeting with the region’s governor General Khamis Abbakar.

The statement, in its text, referred to Abbakar as the “designated governor”, a title often given to governors who were appointed by the putschist sovereignty council.

The governor’s press office noted that there was a “vast difference between assignment and appointment. “

“In the constitutional decrees, the governor of West Darfur State, General Khamis Abdullah Abbakar, came in accordance with the entitlement of the peace of Juba and not from anyone,” the statement read.

“We demand that the Sovereignty Council issue a clarification and an apology if the mistake was unintentional, because it violates what was stipulated in the Juba Agreement, according to which General Khamis Abdullah Abbakar assumed his duties.”

The federal delegation had headed to the city of El Geneina and the locality of Krink before Eid al-Fitr holidays, accompanied by a number of ministers and representatives of the regular forces, following recent violence that occurred in the state.

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