Resistance Committees hold authorities responsible for “deteriorating health” of imprisoned protesters

The Sudanese Resistance Committees held the coup authorities responsible for the safety of 18 detainees in Port Sudan prison, after discovering that their health had deteriorated.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A statement issued by Resistance Committees in Sudan warned of grave dangers threatening the lives of detainees in the held in the “putschists’ prisons.”

The coup authorities have arrested, and still continue to arrest, dozens of activists and participants in the popular protests, locking them up in harsh conditions and environments.

On Friday, the Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees, north of Khartoum, indicated that the authorities were using new methods in dealing with detainees, including malnutrition and medical neglect.

The Bahri resistance said that the deliberate negligence has led to the infection of a number of detainees with life-threatening diseases.

The detainees are distributed among the prisons of Soba, Port Sudan, and Debek, and a number of prisons and security cellars in the capital and the states.

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