“Communist” says arrests will not deter “democratic struggle”

The coup authorities in Sudan are expanding restrictions on those advocating for civil democratic rule.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Communist Party stated on Monday that the targeting of its leaders will not deter it from the struggle to restore democracy.

The coup authorities recently arrested the party’s Secretary-General, Muhammad Mukhtar al-Khatib, Central Committee member Saleh Mahmoud, and spokeswoman, Amal al-Zain, before releasing them at a later time.

A statement issued by the Communist Party’s Central Committee condemned what had transpired from the putschist authorities against its leaders.

“The Central Committee of the Communist Party condemns – despite proper treatment – the arrest of party leaders by the [Sudanese] authority’s security services.”

The party described meeting it held with the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement led by Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu, and the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement Abdel Wahed Mohamed Nour, which aimed at the establishment of a civil and democratic state.

The government of South Sudan had arrested communist party leaders in Juba, after a visit they paid to Kauda (Al-Hilu’s stronghold) without the authorities’ permission.

After the communist leaders returned, they were arrested by the putschists with the purpose of finding out details surrounding their trip to South Sudan.

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