Coup authorities in Sudan using internationally outlawed weapons against protesters, says lawyers’ alliance

New accusations have been made against the coup authorities in Sudan, accusing them of committing violations and crimes against humanity.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Democratic Lawyers Alliance – an independent body – accused on Monday the coup authorities  of using internationally prohibited weapons to suppress peaceful protests in Sudan.

Hospitals in Sudan recorded strange injuries among the protesters, including internal fractures, without marks on their bodies.

The coalition said in a statement that the military regime was committing crimes against humanity in its excessive repression of peaceful demonstrations.

95 protesters have been killed during demonstrations calling for civilian rule ever since the October 2021 coup.

The statement pointed out that the coup authority’s violations of were posing a threat to all initiatives seeking to resolve the internal crisis caused by the putschist military regime’s actions.

The violations mentioned in the statement included “killing, using prohibited weapons such as scattered shotguns, and preventing the injured from reaching hospitals.”

“These crimes alone are enough to bring down the tripartite mechanism’s initiative, an initiative that has not even been able to impose the principle of good faith, nor even begin addressing the people’s demands.”

The United Nations, the African Union, and IGAD are currently leading an initiative to bring the Sudanese parties together at a dialogue table.

“We will not rest until the gallows of justice are set up for all the hired killers,” the lawyer’s alliance stated.

The Sudanese mass protests condemning the military coup have currently entered their seventh month.

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