Egyptian prosecution releases Somali girl who stabbed alleged attacker

In a statement, the Egyptian Public Prosecution said that police investigations confirmed the Somali refugee’s account of the incident.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

On Friday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the release of a Somali refugee, who was kept in custody pending investigation into the killing of a rickshaw driver who had allegedly tried to solicit sexual favors from her at knife-point.

Preliminary police investigations seems to have confirmed the validity of the teenage female’s account.

In her account, the Somali girl managed to wrestle the knife out of his hand, stabbed the rickshaw driver underneath the armpit and escaped.

Investigations revealed that the incident had took place similarly to the account given by the Somali girl during investigations, primarily the use of the seized knife.

The Forensic Medicine Authority’s report also confirmed that the driver’s death had occurred as a result of the injury that girl described.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution issued a decision to release the Somali refugee under the guarantee of her place of residence, and investigations are being completed.

The Public Prosecution had begun investigations as soon as it was notified on May 17 that the rickshaw driver’s body had been found on a public road.

The driver’s body was found next to his vehicle in the northern expansion area in Sittah October.

The Somali refugee came to the police station to report that the driver tried to sexually assault her when she was in the rickshaw with him, threatening her with a knife.

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