Khartoum police justifies deadly violence as “legitimate right”

The Khartoum State Police, justifying their use of excess, lethal violence, said that the protesters resorted to violence.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Khartoum police justified the excessive violence that killed two protesters in the Al-Kalakla suburb on Sunday as “a legitimate right [to use violence] against an attempt to forcibly storm one of its headquarters.”

2 protesters died in the Al-Kalakla protests as a result of the security forces’ violence, bringing the protesters’ death toll nearer to the triple digit bracket since October 25, 2021.

The police has repeatedly accused peaceful protesters of resorting to violence and attacking their headquarters, in justification for lethal retaliation.

In a statement, the Khartoum State Police accused a group of peaceful protesters of trying to storm the Al-Kalakla Police Station, as well as assaulting officers and a number of detainees.

The statement complained of “violence and unjustified blatant hostility towards the police and public and private properties, obstructing traffic and closing main and side roads.”

The police statement acknowledged that two people had died in the confrontations, one  who suffocated from tear gas, and another “whose relatives refused to subject his body to an autopsy.”

The statement blatantly justified the killings by saying that the Khartoum police “continues to use the legitimate right to defense of its role.”

The Khartoum State Police had previously issued conflicting reports after denying that it had run over protesters in the vicinity of the presidential palace.

Coup leader Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan himself had once said that members of the police may have been behind the killing of protesters.

A number of neighborhoods in Khartoum went out in demonstrations not included in the protests schedule, heeding calls issued by the resistance committees in Sudan.

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