Sudanese film “The Martyrs of Khartoum” wins at Fastnet festival

A Sudanese documentary film titled “The Martyrs of Khartoum” collected the An-Sophie Fontaine Human Rights Award in Documentary Film at the Fastnet film festival.

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“The Martyrs of Khartoum” – a film directed by Simon Murtagh and Mark Murphy— recounts the events of the June 2019 Khartoum Massacre, in which hundreds of Sudanese protesters were brutally murdered by the country’s security forces.

The events of the massacre in the film are recounted by three Sudanese doctors who were witness to the atrocities that took place on that day.

The Khartoum Massacre constitutes as one of the primary drivers of the current Sudanese protests, with “retribution for our martyrs” being a slogan that is often repeated during protest marches throughout the country.

In 3 years, the Sudanese government so far has failed to bring anyone responsible for the massacre to justice and no trials have been held so far.

The An-Sophie Fontaine Human Rights Award in Documentary Film is the second award the film has collected since its release, with it having won previously at the Impact Docs Awards.

Sudanese films have enjoyed great international exposure ever since the 2019 feature “You Will Die at Twenty” and the documentary film “Talking about Trees”, also released in the same year.

This year, the Ali Cherri film titled The Dam, starring a Sudanese actor in a Sudan-centered story, was screened at the Cannes film festival.

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