US calls on Israel to support democracy in Sudan

According to Times of Israel, the US has decided to suspend assistance to Sudan, including assistance related to Israel normalization deal, and wants Israel to “call out the bloody coup that removed the country’s civilian government last year.

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“The United States is not moving forward at this time with assistance originally committed to Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government in connection with its efforts to improve Sudan’s bilateral relationship with Israel,” a State Department spokesman said to the Times of Israel.

“This includes wheat shipments and certain development and trade and investment assistance,” the spokesman continued.

The spokesman also told the Israeli news portal that US President Joe Biden’s administration expects Israel to vocally call for the return of a democratically elected government in Sudan.

“We strongly encourage the State of Israel to join us and the broader international community in vocally pressing for Sudan’s military leaders to cede power to a credible civilian-led transitional government,” he added.

The US, and many other western countries, had decided to suspend aid to Sudan directly after the military coup led by general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on October 25th.

Due to the coup, Sudan had missed out on $700 million in economic aid from the US; a sum that would have been of great benefit to Sudan during its current harsh economic crisis.

The government in Israel has been holding meetings exclusively with Sudanese officials who are members of the putschist and undemocratic military establishment currently governing the country.

Joe Biden’s administration had before requested Israel engage more with the civilian half in the Sudanese government, who were neglected in favor of the military half that ended up staging a coup d’etat and removing the former from rule on October of 2021.

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