Health authorities confirm Sudan monkeypox free so far

Federal Ministry of Health official in Sudan, Dr. Laila Hamad El-Nile, denied that pictures shared on social media monkeypox-infected individuals were from Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Dr. Laila said that the pictures being circulated were not of Sudanese people, but of people from neighboring countries.

During the Autumn Preparedness and Response Workshop held at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum regarding response to epidemics, Dr. Laila noted that the method of transmission of monkeypox varies from person to person.

She said that the ministry has taken care to prepare a number of teams consisting of an estimated number of doctors and laboratory technicians by owning them with information in order to prepare for monitoring and classification of information, rapid reporting, and faster access to information and transferring it to the appropriate place.

The Director-General’s representative at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Saad, called on the state of Khartoum, during the workshop held in cooperation with the World Health Organization, to make capable efforts to control the health system.

Dr. Muhammad Saad noted that the coming period might carry with it threats of epidemics and would require vigilance and caution, and that he wishes the researchers success and observable results.

The Director of the General Department of Emergency and Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health Khartoum, Dr. Mohamed El-Tijani, said that the workshop comes within the framework of preparing and responding to epidemics, particularly due to both summer and autumn periods are periods people were more prone to disease, and increased cholera risk [for fall period].


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