Notorious Port Sudan tribal chief “Tirk” resigns

Muhammad Ahmed Al-Amin “Tirk”, a tribal leader in Sudan responsible for the Port Sudan lockdowns last year, announced he was stepping doing from his position as chieftain for the local tribe.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Trik resigned only hours after the designated governor in the Red Sea state, Ali Abdallah Adarob, was forced to resign after local native administrations in-bed-with the putschist military regime had called for his removal, and protesters blocked the roads leading to Port Sudan.

The tribal chieftain was a victim of the many difference currently tearing up the military supporting tribal body consisting of various representatives of Port Sudan’s tribes.

In a letter published following his resignation, Tirk said he “regrets” that the scene in east Sudan had deviated from the normal course, and inconsistent with the outcomes of the Senkat Conference.

The tribal chief stressed that his resignation came in the interest of the security and safety of the positions supporting the cause of the east. Tirk also expressed great admiration for the resigned Red Sea governor Ali Abdallah Adarob who put “people’s welfare over his own.”

With Tirk resigning, the Beja tribe has lost its representative in the native administrations council in Port Sudan; a body consisting of various representatives of various tribes in the region who act as middlemen between their people and the Sudanese government.

Tirk noted that he had to deal with many conspiracies and of the council members, and said that they had “tried to address this matter in several meetings since the end of the holy month of Ramadan and after Eid al-Fitr, the last of which were the meetings that took place in Khartoum regarding dealing with the problems of the [now resigned] governor of the Red Sea.”

The Beja leader had made worldwide news last year after leading a lengthy campaign in which he blocked all roads leading to and from the port at the Red Sea state, effectively shutting down work in it.

He announced that no goods would come through, either for export or import, unless the civilian half of the then transitional government was to step down and deliver all power to the military.

Tirk’s lockdown continued even after the military council took out the civilian half of the government in the October 25th 2021.

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