FFC, Military sit-down met with local condemnation, international praise

The Freedom Forces Coalition (FFC), the party leading the political resistance against the putschist military council in Sudan, has been met with praise and condemnation, for having sat for dialogue with the coup authority.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

On Thursday, the Freedom Forces Coalition’s main office had announced a meeting was to take place between an FFC delegation and a military council delegation.

The meeting was announced at the behest of the US State Secretary’s African Affairs Bureau representative Molly Phee, who has been in the country for a while, and the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Sudan.

The meeting took place at the Saudi ambassador’s residence in Kafouri, Khartoum.

The FFC’s statement released after the meeting stated that the resistance body does not solely represent the Sudanese revolution, and that it had demanded an immediate end to the coup d’etat and the transfer of power to a fully civilian democratic entity.


Leaders from the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), a body that played a big part in the Sudanese uprisings of 2019 that toppled ex-president Omar al-Bashir, criticized the meeting.

An SPA member stated that the defeat of the 25th October coup was not only the FFC’s responsibility for the body to sit-down alone with the military delegation.

“We must not grant the putschists their dream of sitting alone with just one faction of the Sudanese revolution,” Ismael al-Taj, the member in question stated.

Another member, Muhammad Naji al-Aa’sum, said the FFC were guilty of repeating the “same mistakes”, and that the meeting took place while the military council was still gunning down peaceful protesters.

The Sudanese Teachers’ Association also condemned the meeting, stating that the association was still with the Sudanese public in their demands, which do not include “what transpired yesterday.”

The teachers’ body claimed that the step taken by the FFC was “not unexpected of them.”


Both Washington and Riyadh, in separate announcements from their respective embassies in Sudan, congratulated both parties on having sat-down on Thursday.

The US embassy thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for helping in brokering the meeting, and welcomed the two sides of the meeting “putting the good of their country first.”

The Saudi embassy, for its part, said that the meeting was not a substitute for the work of the tripartite mechanism in Sudan, and that the objective of the meeting was to “exchange ideas” regarding the status-quo in the country.

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