Suakin ship crew rescued along with 3,000 remaining cattle

Sudanese authorities confirmed that 21 sailors and 3,000 heads of sheep were rescued from the ship that sank on the berth of the Suakin Port on Saturday night.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The General Administration of Civil Defense in Sudan announced that it had managed to rescue the entire crew out of the sinking Suakin ship, consisting of 21 people, in addition to the recovery of 3,000 heads of live cattle.

The ship, which was carrying about 15,000 export livestock to the Jeddah Islamic Port in Saudi Arabia, sank shortly after departing when it tilted itself at a depth of about 13 meters near the quay.

Civil defense director, Lieutenant-General Othman Atta, confirmed through the police’s press office that his administration made great efforts to save the ship’s crew.

He noted that 3,000 head of sheep were saved, with attempts still ongoing to remove the dead sheep from the bottom of the Red Sea in order to avert a major environmental disaster.

He said that his administration sent a support force to the Red Sea State from the Land Rescue and River Rescue Departments led by an officer to contribute to the evacuation work and to retrieve the ship with all its devices and equipment.

The officer worked alongside the existing rescue crews led by the Director of Civil Defense in the Red Sea State, Brigadier General Police Ahmed Mohammed Humaidan and Police Colonel Abdullah Al-Safi from the Civil Defense.

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