Umma party in Gezira accuses police of “serious violations”

The National Umma Party in Sudan accused the coup police of committing serious transgressions against its home and its affiliates in Gezira state.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The National Umma Party in Gezira state, central Sudan, demanded the leadership of the police take quick and decisive measures against “serious violations” that affected the party’s headquarters and employees.

The party waved that if the measures were not enforced then “the issue will have consequences.”

The Umma Party media in Gezira state said on Sunday that, in a manner described as a very serious violation of the work of political forces in the state and Sudan in general, a police force estimated at 20 members stormed the Umma House in the city of Madani, and attacked its director, Siddiq Omar and his family.

The statement accused the same group of stealing chairs and water containers that they took “to the Police Department, refusing to return these properties except with an official letter from the party leader in the state.”

“This act represents a serious provocation by an apparatus that should ensure the protection of citizens. What happened directly affects the National Umma Party, and cannot go unnoticed,” the statement added.

The Ummah party held the state authorities and police and the leadership of the state and national police fully responsible for the attack on the nation’s house in Madani.

It indicated that a police officer called “Mustafa Abdel Azim Mustafa” had also physically assaulted the director of the Umma HQ in Madani.

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