UNHCR: Most refugees in Sudan do not wish to return home

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees stated that most refugees currently present in Sudan do not wish to return to their countries of origin.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The UNHCR estimates that there are around one million refugees are currently residing in Sudan.

UNHCR representative Axel Bishop said, during a press briefing, that a majority of them have no desire to return home.

The reason for that, as per Bishop, is that they feel the issues that drove them into Sudan in the first place have not been resolved yet.

Sudan has become the go-to destination for refugees from around the region who wish to escape trouble back home.

Bishop revealed that most refugees are from South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Chad, and Syria.

In a related context, aide to the refugees commissioner in the state of Kassala, Musmar Muhammad Abulnabi, said that there was an influx of refugees from camps into nearby villages and cities.

Abdulnabi, according to SUNA, accused the international community of not being faithful to its duties towards the refugees, leaving a bulk of responsibility to the Sudanese government, and creating great pressure on state services offered to Sudanese citizens.

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