Sudan, UAE sign memorandum for big agricultural project

The Sudanese Minister of Finance Dr. Jibreel Ibrahim announced that Sudan and the UAE have signed a memorandum of understanding a new agricultural project.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

According to Reuters,  the large agricultural project will be linked by “a road to a new port to be built on the Red Sea,” according to Finance minister Ibrahim.

Ibrahim also revealed to Reuters that both sides are currently working on the project details.

The news of this project come in light of protests being led by farmers in Sudan against current decisions issued by the Minister of Finance.

A group of farmers involved in the Gezira project in Sudan announced that they would rather serve jail time than hand over their wheat yield to the Sudanese Agricultural Bank.

The decision came in protest of new stipulations issued by Finance for farmers that the farmers themselves have complained were not beneficial to them despite a new, higher priced purchase value being fixed to their wheat produce.

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