FFC meets Egyptian consul regarding political process

The Freedom Forces Coalition (FFC) have began meeting with diplomatic missions in Sudan to share their vision regarding the tripartite mechanism’s work in the country.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The FFC revealed that their communications department had held a meeting with the Egyptian consul in Sudan, Ahmad Adli.

The meeting, according to the communications and public affairs department, dealt with the FFC vision, recently ratified by the “central council” – original FFC body – regarding the political process supervised by the tripartite mechanism.

For his part, the Egyptian general consul said that Egypt fully supports the aspirations of the Sudanese public and the work of the tripartite mechanism in ending the coup d’etat in Sudan, and that Sudanese people currently residing in Egypt are more than welcome in their second home.

The FFC revealed that it was going to continue meeting with missions in Sudan coming from neighboring  and friendly Asian, African, and Arab countries.

On Thursday, the FFC’s central council revealed that a document pertaining to “demands and prerequisites for ending the coup” had been ratified.

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