Sudanese expats in US planning big protest coup in Sudan

The US-residing Sudanese expats said that their protest comes in support of the “three No’s” championed by the resistance committees back home.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A group of Sudanese expats in the US have announced a big protest in the works that is to take place in Washington D.C. against the putschist military regime in Sudan.

The protest will carry the same demands carried by the resistance committees back home, the “three No’s”; “no partnership”, “no negotiations”, and “no legitimacy” with/to the military council in Sudan.

The US congress has been announced as the final destination for the protest march, with participants from the east coast heavily encouraged to participate.

Protests in Sudan have not lost their momentum ever since the dawn of the 25th October coup d’etat of last year.

Over 100 protesters have also been murdered by the security forces in Sudan since the coup.

In a related context, for the first time since the military coup of October, two opposite delegations from the Freedom Forces Coalition, the political body leading the political resistance against the military, and the military council, sat down for a meeting that was brokered by the US and Saudi Arabia.

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