Guardian: Russian mercenary group behind deadly mine attacks in CAR-Sudan border

According to The Guardian, Russian mercenary group Wagner, currently active in several parts of Africa including Sudan, was responsible for a series of attacks on the Sudanese – Central African border.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

According to The Guardian, Russian Wagner mercenaries have been involved in heavy attacks on artisanal mines along the “lawless border areas” between Sudan and the Central African Republic in efforts to “plunder the region’s valuable gold trade.”

“Dozens of miners are thought to have died in at least three major attacks this year allegedly involving mercenaries working for the Wagner Group,” the Guardian report stated.

“There are also reports of further attacks on mines in at least six other places across CAR,” it continued.

Most of the victims of the Wagner attacks have been identified as Sudanese and Chadian mine workers.

A witness interviewed by the Guardian stated that he had been attacked in the border area of Jabal al-Nar by people he identified as Russians and soldiers belonging to the Central African Republic.

He told the British newspaper that he helped in the burial of the other 21 victims of the attacks, all of whom were Sudanese.

Another Sudanese witness from South Darfur  also revealed that around 70 people, including his brother and relatives, were murdered by Russian and African soldiers who attacked miners in March.

The witness stated that the armed Russo-African militia came “to kill and rob everybody their hands could reach.”

Two weeks ago, the New York Times released a report detailing the extent of Wagner’s operations in Sudan.

The report revealed that among such operations was the obtaining of “lucrative Sudanese mining concessions that produce a stream of gold” that may potentially help boost Russia’s $130 billion gold stash that US officials worry is being used to soften the blow of economic sanctions imposed due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

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