Official: Livestock sector added $650 million to national economy in 2020

 An official at the Ministry of Animal Wealth and Fisheries in Sudan, Dr. Hassan Ali Abbas, revealed that the livestock sector was responsible for  $650 million added to the national economy during 2020.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Abbas, who works as the Director of the General Department of Animal Health and Epidemiology at the ministry, said that despite many obstacles and the COVID 19 pandemic, the sector’s contribution to the gross national product reached 26% in 2020.

The livestock sector had suffered from many problems, starting with key production areas, and livestock owners face problems related to the provision of vaccines for animals, in addition to the lack of water sources during dry seasons.

In a talk organized by the Ministry of Information under the slogan “Livestock is the gateway to exit from economic crises,” Abbas stressed that the ministry currently seeks to increase livestock wealth and maximize its contribution to the economy through export.

Livestock, Quarries, and Exporters

Abbas acknowledged the existence of issues currently facing the sector, including negative views on the ministry, the problems of quarries, slaughterhouses, inspection centers, means of transportation, refrigeration, and the sea port.

He added that the failure to carry out a “livestock census” of was another obstacle, while pointing out that the decision to not export female cattle was not the ministry’s decree, but rather a decision made by the putschist Sovereignty Council.

With regard to the recent drowning of over 10,000 heads of sheep, he said that the ministry’s technical responsibility was limited to veterinary quarantine procedures and the granting of health certificates.

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