Sudan raises formal complaint against Ethiopia following soldier executions

Sudan announced its intention to file a formal complaint to the UN Security Council against Ethiopia, after accusing its army of killing 7 prisoners of Sudanese soldiers, and mutilating their bodies.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Sunday, the Sudanese army announced that the Ethiopian army had executed 7 of its soldiers and a citizen held captive.

Sudanese army spokesman Nabil Abdullah Ali described in a press statement what had transpired as “an act that contravenes all laws and customs of war and international humanitarian law.”

“…the Ethiopian army executed 7 Sudanese soldiers and a citizen who were prisoners of war, and then presented them to their fellow citizens with all contempt,” he said.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry expressed in a statement today, Monday, its condemnation of the crime committed by the Ethiopian army, which it described as “awful.”

The statement  revealed the Ministry had also “initiated a formal complaint to the Security Council and the relevant international and regional organizations.”

“We would like to mention that the government of Sudan reserves the full right guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations to defend its lands and human dignity,” the MoFA statement continued.

The Ministry also stated that Sudan will immediately summon its ambassador to Ethiopia for consultations, and that the Ethiopian ambassador to Khartoum will be summoned to inform him of Sudan’s condemnation of this “inhumane behavior.”

At the end of 2020, the Sudanese army announced the recovery of 95% of the lands of the “Greater Fashaga” area in the east of the country, from the control of Ethiopian militias.

The Sudanese army fought battles in the Sudanese-Ethiopian border area to liberate the lands of the “Al-Fashaga” area, which was controlled by the Ethiopian “Shifta” gangs.

Sudan accuses Ethiopia of abandoning its commitments to the border agreements settled since 1903.

 Earlier, a group of Sudanese farmers released a statement pleading their government to help arm them in order for them to defend themselves against encroaching Ethiopian militias.

The farmers demanded the government ramp up security presence along the border as well.

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