Sudanese police announces measures for June 30 protests

Plans to disrupt internet connection

The Sudanese police announced a series of measures that they intend to take before the 30th June mass demonstrations.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The police announced beforehand that they intend to face the demonstrations with what they referred to as “civil force” consisting of batons, tear gas, handcuffs, and water cannons.

The Sudanese police also reassured that its forces were going to abide by professionalism, self-control, and not responding to any provocations.

According to the statement, the Minister of Interior and the Police Presidency asked the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice to deploy federal advisors to police stations and as “observers” to ensure the forces are armed,  and to take notes during the protests.

The statement stated that the Presidency of the Police Forces will be committed to protecting peaceful processions, while preserving the use of the rules of what it described as the right of legitimate self-defense, strategic and sovereign sites, and police stations.

Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan had also admitted that some police officers may have been directly responsible for the death of protestors.

The police’s statement comes after more than 100 peaceful demonstrators have been killed since the October 25th coup.

The Bahri massacre that took place in November 2021, in which 16 people were killed, showed police using live bullets against demonstrators.

Internet Outage

News circulating around social media have revealed that the coup government intends to cut off internet services in Sudan in anticipation of the June 30th protests.

The coup government had resorted to cutting off internet connection several times during protests, which made it difficult for Sudanese activists to upload proof of the security forces and the police’s inhumane and ultra-violent treatment of Sudanese protesters.

After the October 2021 coup d’etat, internet services in Sudan were shut down for a period of nearly one month, in which several human rights violations took place against protesters all over Sudan.

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