Coup authorities in Sudan likely to cut off internet on June 30

Coup authorities in Sudan intend to cut off internet and phone call services, in addition to closing major bridges in the capital, Khartoum, in conjunction with tomorrow’s “June 30 Million” protest march.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum: Amal Muhammad Al-Hassan

AlTaghyeer learned that the coup authorities in Sudan “verbally” directed some telecommunications companies to cut off the internet services tomorrow, Thursday.

Resistance committees in Sudan, political forces, professional bodies and others intend to conduct mass processions on the third anniversary of the June 30th processions that followed the infamous 2019 Khartoum Massacre.

A source in one of the telecommunications companies confirmed to AlTaghyeer that verbal orders had been given to cut off internet service for mobile phones tomorrow, Thursday, coinciding with the June 30th processions.

The source – who preferred their name be withheld – said that an oral conversation took place with the company’s management about cutting off the Internet service, and indicated that the possibility of internet services going out was 99%.

The coordination of the Resistance Committees of Khartoum marked the presidential palace as the goal destination for the protest marches.

The resistance committees had been conducting “preparatory parades” prior to the march, while social networking sites organized huge campaigns to urge the Sudanese to participate in bringing down the military regime.

The committees’ media campaigns also received a great deal of interaction from Sudanese netizens, bringing in a sizeable virtual crowd that precedes the expected June 30 reality.

Another leading source in a major telecommunications company said that they had not received any orders to cut off the internet service so far.

The source however added that there were high expectations that those orders would arrive at any moment.

He stressed that the company would not respond to verbal orders and was committed to implementing written decisions for fear of a precedent of judicial accountability.

For his part, a judicial source confirmed to AlTaghyeer the coup authorities’ intention to cut off both the Internet and communications services, tomorrow, Thursday, June 30.

The source said that the authorities were also adamant on closing most of the bridges leading into and out of Khartoum, as they used to do in almost all protests that preceded the one announced for June 30th.

He revealed information regarding several checkpoints set up at some of the capital’s bridges Tuesday evening, attributing them to intelligence information about the entry of weapons carried in shaded cars known colloquially as “Boko Haram cars”.

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