9 protesters killed in June 30th mass demonstrations

According to activist the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, 9 protesters were killed during the June 30th processions by security forces gunfire, with internet services in Khartoum still having not returned.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

According to the committee, as of the moment of the writing of this report, 9 protesters have been killed during the June 30th demonstrations that took place this Thursday.

The number of those injured in the protests, in Khartoum alone, reached 500 and counting according to activist Nazim Siraj, who has been heavily documenting security forces’ brutality ever since the coup of 2021.

Security forces met protesters with violence that included live bullets, rubber bullets, heavy tear gas deployment, beating, and according to some social media sources, throwing protesters off the Mek Nimr bridge.

The coup authorities in Sudan have disabled all internet connections and methods of communication, a thing they have frequently done, since early Thursday morning.

Despite so, a video showing the moment a protester was killed by the security forces gunfire in Khartoum managed to make its way to social media.

Several tweets shared on social media indicated that the US sanctioned Central Reserve Forces were very active in the violent crackdown on the June 30th protesters, along with police forces and Rapid Support Forces.

The Sudanese public took to the streets in response to calls made by the resistance committees in the country for mass demonstrations to take place on June 30th.

This 30th of June marks the third anniversary of the protests that brought civilian forces back into leadership following the events of the infamous Khartoum massacre.

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