Sudania24 newscaster assaulted during June 30th protests

Salim Al-Hashimi,a Sudania24 reporter and a well-known media personality in Sudan, revealed that he was abducted by the Sudanese authorities and beaten while covering the June 30th protests.

AlTahgyeer: Khartoum

Al-Hashimi told AlTaghyeer that a group of security forces violently attacked him in Bahri, one of Khartoum’s twin cities, after he had informed them that he was a reporter doing his duty.

He revealed that he was attacked by 8 members who were dressed in police, central reserve, and civilian uniforms.

Al-Hashimi also revealed that he was violently struck with batons and stomped on while desperately trying to protect his head.

The Sudania24 media personality said that a regular force member intervened and asked his assailants to stop due Al-Hashimi being a known newscaster, fearing their violent assault on him may bring them trouble.

“I was very close to blacking out and I found it incredibly hard to breathe,” he said.

The newscaster also told AlTaghyeer that the security officers also robbed him of all his belongings that were in his pockets.

He was then tied up and blindfolded and put in a white pickup and driven around for 8 hours while being insulted and berated, before being dropped off on the side of the road in Bahri.

Al-Hashimi last remembers having his blindfold removed by a man armed with an AK-47, who told him to either get off the pickup truck or suffer a bullet to the head.

The media personality limped off towards a main street and hailed a rickshaw that transported him to the hospital where his friends were there to receive him.

He has undergone various medical tests which showed he had suffered a laceration to some ligaments in his knee,  awaiting information on what type of medical care would he require after the vicious beatdown he suffered.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the Sudanese security forces resorted to violence and bodily harm against journalists and members of the media.

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