“Committees” warn Bahri sit-in could be dispersed later today

According to information obtained by the Bahri neighborhood resistance committees, the coup forces intend to break up a sit-in in Al-Mo’as’sasa in Bahri today.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Bahri neighborhood committees, north of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, have warned of a plan to break up a sit-in at Al-Mo’as’sasa by forces affiliated with the putschist military authorities.

The committees confirmed in a statement today, Monday, that they had obtained information about the coup forces’ intention to break up the sit-in during the day.

The committees appealed people to head towards the sit-in square and check all its borders and protect it by constructing more barricades.

It also called for cameras on the ground to document the forces, their equipment, and violations.

In their statement, the Bahri Resistance Committees warned the coup forces to approach the sit-in.

She stated that in the event of the sit-in dispersal, there will be a comprehensive escalation and barricading of each zone in Bahri city.

It also affirmed that it is on the path of overthrowing the coup by all means of peaceful resistance.

On Saturday, the resistance committees in Omdurman and Khartoum North announced the organization of their sit-ins calling for the overthrow of the military coup in the country.

This Thursday, after the end of the June 30th mass demonstrations, the Resistance Committees in Khartoum announced the first mass sit-in in front of the Jawda Hospital in the Al-Dim neighborhood.

The resistance committees in Omdurman highlighted the area from the Al-Azhari roundabout to the Wad Darew intersection as the spot for the sit-in.

For its part, the resistance committees in the Bur’ri neighborhood, east of Khartoum, announced  sit-ins on several main streets in the neighborhood today.

The sit-in proposal came after the excessive violence with which the authorities of the military coup confronted the June 30th protests.

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