Coup government agents accused of detainee torture

Professional bodies in Sudan accused the coup government of detaining revolutionaries unjustly, trumping them, beating and torturing them.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Independent professional bodies revealed that the coup authority in Sudan had arrested 22 protesters from the Riyadh region in Khartoum during the June 30th million, and refused to release them.

They also stated that the arresting security services have also been fabricating malicious reports and false charges to pin on the protesters.

The coup authorities confronted the processions that went out on June 30th with excessive violence, leading to the downfall of 9 protesters and dozens of injured.

People reportedly in the thousands have also been arrested during the June 30th demonstrations.

Detainee Tortured

A joint statement by the Emergency Lawyers, the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, and the Committee of Consultants and Specialists, released on Friday, described the coup authority’s actions as  a “continuation of its violations against innocent revolutionaries.”

“These forces were not satisfied with beating and terrorizing only, but one of their [security forces] employees tortured one of the detainees using a lighter, burning his hand and back in front of everyone’s eyes, leading to second and third degree burns that may cause serious complications such as sepsis and septic shock.”

“Instead of being transferred to the hospital for treatment, he was then transferred to Soba prison, suffering from burns and signs of torture, which made the prison administration refuse to receive him in this deteriorating health condition, so that he was returned from prison to the North Police Station again, and his detention continued for 7 days. Without any health care or attention,” the joint statement continued.

“After painstaking efforts by the emergency lawyers, he was released from the police department on July 7 and taken to the hospital for treatment after the police refused to extract the Criminal Form number 8, which is a right guaranteed by law.”

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