Burhan appoints military personnel to ambassador positions

The leader of the Sudanese coup, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, has appointed the former director of the General Intelligence Service as official  ambassador to South Sudan, along with other military personnel as ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Special: AlTaghyeer

Informed sources revealed to AlTaghyeer that the former director of the Sudanese General Intelligence Service, Lieutenant-General Jamal Abdul Majeed, has been appointed as ambassador to South Sudan.

The leader of Sudan’s coup, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan,  had earlier dismissed Abdul Majeed from his position, and appointed his deputy, Ahmed Mofaddal, director of the General Intelligence Service, about a month into his coup against the country’s constitutional legitimacy in October 2021.

Abdul Majid was assigned to intelligence in January 2020, following the resignation of his predecessor after a rebellion carried out by officers belonging to the Operations Authority; the armed wing of ousted former president al-Bashir’s security apparatus.

Al-Burhan has now returned Lieutenant-General Abdul-Majid to service, but this time in a diplomatic position.

Not the First

It is worth noting that Lieutenant-General Jamal Abdul Majeed has long served as Director of Information Management at the Military Intelligence Authority, and worked as an intelligence officer in several locations.

This was not the first time that he was returned to service after being retired, as he was reinstated at the rank of Lieutenant-General to occupy the position of Director of Intelligence, after the Sovereignty Council accepted his predecessor Abu Bakr Demblab’s resignation in January 2020.

The President of the putschist Sovereign Council of the Revolution issued a decision appointing “5” retired officers as ambassadors to neighboring countries.

The officers whose names appeared in al-Burhan’s decision are Fath Al-Rahman Mohi Al-Din Saleh, Jamal Abdul Majeed Qassem Al-Sayed, Othman Muhammad Yunus, Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad, and Bushra Ahmad Idris.

According to AlTaghyeer’s sources, 3 of the officers are affiliated with the Sudanese Armed Forces, while two are affiliated with the Sudanese Police.

The news of the appointment of military personnel as ambassadors was met with great disapproval.

Some described it as an attempt to consolidate the pillars of the police state, and considered it part of the legacy of military regimes in granting honorary jobs to supporters of the military regime.

Critics of the decision pointed to the appointment of Lieutenant-General Bahri Fath al-Rahman, who has been frequently hosted by Arab news channels as a “strategic expert” who constantly defends the military coup.

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