Sudan, Ethiopia agree to open Galabat border

The Technical Committee of the Security and Defense Council in Sudan decided to open the Galabat border crossing with Ethiopia on Sunday for movement between the two countries.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The office of the official spokesman for the armed forces said that the step comes in light of goodwill measures shown by the Ethiopian side to prevent the infiltration of armed elements into Sudanese territory.

The committee ordered control over international borders, and to prevent the movement of any armed elements between the two countries, with tightly coordinated efforts between both sides.

Closing the Borders

The border crossing between the two countries was closed in the wake of the border conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia, after an Ethiopian militia captured a Sudanese military leader.

AlTaghyeer obtained information about the circumstances of the capture of the commander of the border military garrison at the hands of Ethiopian militias, last Friday.

A military source confirmed to that the commander, who was affiliated on duty in the state of Gedaref, was captured by Ethiopian militias.

The source, who requested that his name be withheld, said that the head of the garrison, at the rank of captain, led a squad of five soldiers to the Galabat border crossing, after they received a report that two children had been kidnapped by armed Ethiopian militias.

The Ethiopian “Shifta” gangs have recently began kidnapping more Sudanese citizens and forcing their families into paying huge ransom amounts in exchange.

The source confirmed that the group ran out of ammunition after they exchanged fire with the Ethiopian side, which led to the capture of the head of the garrison.

“The captain did not back away, while the rest of his soldiers chose to retreat after their ammunition ran out,” he continued.

The Sudanese authorities closed the border crossing between Sudan and Ethiopia in Basanda locality.

Identical sources confirmed the presence of heavy security deployments in the Sudanese towns of Al-Qalabat and the Ethiopian Al-Matma.

The Sudanese-Ethiopian border has witnessed great tension since the end of last year, after a Sudanese army force was ambushed by the Ethiopian army and militias, which killed 4 Sudanese soldiers.

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