“Central Doctors” says 94 injured during July 17 protests

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors said in a Monday field report that 94 protesters were injured in the July 17 protests.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Last Sunday, the 17 July anti-military protests took place in the country, demanding the overthrow of the October 25th coup and the establishment of a civilian authority.

The report of the Doctors Committee detailed the injuries as follows:

5 cases of head injury with tear gas canisters, 3 cases ran over by military vehicles belonging to the regular forces, 3 cases stun grenade injury, and 6 cases of eye injury.

In addition, other isolated cases of injuries to the body were reported, resulted from direct hits with tear gas canisters, as well as hitting with batons and stones.

 The total of the 94 cases, as reported by the Doctors Committee, were all stable.

Since the October 25 coup, over 100 demonstrators were killed and thousands injured, with the ruling military authority yet to bring any accused to trial.

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