One killed as July 26 protests reveal cracks in resistance

Many believe the rift between the several coup-resistance bodies in Sudan only falls to the benefit of the October coup plotters.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A yet-to-be-identified protester was shot in the face and killed during the July 26 Omdurman processions.

The Central Committee of Sudan doctors, who reported the death, noted that this raises the total number of those killed since the October 25th coup of last year to 116.

The July 26 demonstrations saw disorder and disagreement among the many coordination committees belonging to the coup-resistance bodies in the country.

The Forces of Freedom and Change had called for demonstrations on the 26th of July against the growing ethnic and tribal tensions in the country.

Resistance committees, the bodies leading the popular movements, had a mixed response to the call.

Some were welcoming and expressed their intent in participating while others flat out refused and chose to boycott.

The Bashdar processions were broken up by tear gas canisters hurled by “strangers” as sources reported to AlTaghyeer.

An FFC statement, the party that called for the protests, revealed that its procession, which was at Bashdar, was attack by people in civilian clothes, with “guns and knives”.

The statement also revealed that the strangers responsible for the crackdown were bussed into the scene, alluding to the security services involvement in the matter.

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