Khartoum University expands online learning

The University of Khartoum has decided to implement more online learning in the face of increased student numbers.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

A University of Khartoum deans’ meeting agreed on expanding the umbrella of online learning amidst the increasing number of student batches.

On Thursday, the University of Khartoum’s Council of Deans held a meeting headed by the university’s director, Professor Imad Al-Din Al-Amin Al-Taher Ardeeb, and in the presence of his deputy, Professor Ahmed Mudawi Musa, the university’s vice president, Dr. Ibrahim Adam Gomaa, Secretary of Academic Affairs Professor Ali Abdel Rahman Rabah, and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Suleiman Hammad Nasser, and the membership of the Council.

According to a press statement, and after approving the proceedings of the previous meeting, the members of the council were briefed from the university director.

The director touched on the series of visits carried out by the senior management to the university’s hospitals and its various units, in addition to meetings with institutions from outside the university, the visits carried out by ambassadors and foreign envoys, and their outputs from agreements and memoranda of understanding.

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