Doctors Committee blames government for Darfur slaughter

The Sudan Doctors Committee accused the putschist sovereignty council in Sudan of compromising national sovereignty after an armed attack led by a Chadian militia killed several in Darfur.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

An armed militia crossing over from Chad into a village within the Sudanese border killed 18 herdsmen before taking off with their livestock heading back to Chad.

The Sudan Doctors Committee pinned the blame for this incident on the Sovereignty Council in the country, as well as the armed struggle movements in the area.

In their statement, which was shared with AlTaghyeer, the committee said that “Citizens of nearby country transgressing on Sudanese citizens, their lands and their property signals a catastrophic vision of national sovereignty.”

 Addressing the armed struggle movements, which shared the blame equally with the Sovereignty Council as per the committee, the statement also said that “the [Juba] peace [agreement] is not going to deal with the real roots of the political, social, and national problems in the country.”

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