Security forces accused of abducting and torturing “resistance” member

The resistance committees of South Khartoum accused the putschist security forces of detaining and torturing one of its leading active members.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

According to the resistance committees’ statement, which was shared with AlTaghyeer, Mussab Sanjo, was taken away after Fajr prayers from nearby his house.

The committees described the incident as part of a “campaign that targets resistance committee members.”

The statement also revealed that Sanjo was beaten and tortured at a security office before being transferred to the criminal investigations office in Bahri.

The Sudanese Emergency Lawyers were able to locate Sanjo and others who had been reported as missing during the past few days.

Sanjo and his comrades had not been charged as per the statement, which also held the security forces the responsibility of their safety.

It is reported that Sanjo was scheduled to travel to Egypt before his abduction for treatment after having sustained injuries during a security forces’ violent crackdown on a protest march.

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