Prosecution summons Bar Association Committee head

On Monday, the Democratic Alliance of Sudanese Lawyers revealed that the Prosecution had summoned the head of the steering committee of the Sudanese Bar Association and its financial secretary.
Khartoum: AlTaghyeer
In a statement, the alliance indicated that the Bar Association’s Steering Committee is under fierce attack from the remnants of the defunct regime and supporters of “tyranny and darkness.”
“We were surprised on Sunday morning, September 25, by an oppressive force that, through one of its employees, restricted procedures under Article 47 of the Procedures Law of 1991 AD, in the face of the Sudanese Bar Association’s Steering Committee.”
The statement indicated that, based on these procedures, a decision was issued to summon the Chairman of the Steering Committee, Ali Qayloub, and the Committee’s Treasurer, Ezzedine Sabr, for investigation at the Public Prosecution’s offices.
The democratic lawyers coalition explained that its political committee held an emergency meeting, which concluded that the attempt to file criminal complaints against the steering committee was a “failed attempt by the remnants of the former regime.”
The outcomes of the meeting of the Political Committee of the Democratic Alliance of Lawyers, according to the statement, came by moving through four tracks; legal, political, media. and a path that will be announced later.
In addition to the procedures, the coalition submitted a request for examination under Article 55/3 of the Criminal Procedure Code to the Chief of Public Prosecution, in opposition to the summons for investigation.
Subsequently, a decision was issued by the Public Prosecutor reviewing the work of the Empowerment Removal Committee, Ahmed Amin, to seize the headquarters buildings belonging to both the Bar Association on Street 61 in Khartoum, and the Admission Committee for Lawyers on Al-Baladiyah Street.
Amin also accordingly addressed the regular forces put under his review committee to move and take over.
“Following that decision, we immediately submitted a request for an examination under Article 55/3 of the Criminal Procedures Law in force to stop that ,” the democratic lawyers said, revealing that they had acted out in time to stop the regular forces from seizing the aforementioned buildings.

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