Khartoum announces discount outlets to combat inflation prices

The assigned governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman Hamza, announced arrangements were made to open the largest commercial complex for the “Producer Youth Association” to sell goods at reduced prices.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The governor inaugurated the food basket for workers in state institutions program, to be carried out by the Khartoum Food Security Company, as part of a series of Khartoum state government efforts to provide goods at producer prices.

They described the outlets as an attempt to absorb popular anger, and doubted that the Khartoum government would even commit to them.

Cost prices

Governor Hamza confirmed his government will continue providing consumer goods to the citizen at cost prices through the company’s outlets in the localities.

The director of the Khartoum Company for Food Security, Intisar Daldom, said that the workers’ basket contains 12 items representing basic and necessary commodities in installments of up to three months.

She explained that the company is working on providing goods for workers in throughout the state, in addition to the company’s other efforts to provide cooking gas in state localities.

Limited Impact

Professor Hassan Bashir pointed out that the outlet stores were limited and did not affect supply sufficiently.

He also said that its mere presence confirms the existence of a crisis, because it provides limited commodities in relatively small quantities.

“You ask if there are goods that can be sold at a reduced price, why not circulate in the market? Because its appearance leaves legitimate questions about its source, where it came from, and whether it was stored.”

Bashir noted that the crisis is too deep to be dealt with by discount outlet stores.

Professor Essam Bob added that, in order to contribute to the provision of goods, the stores must be sufficient, and there should be guarantees of commitment to these prices and the regularity of work in these places.

The crazy inflation that hit Sudan post the October 25th coup has been a primary reason for the protest marches that are yet to cease in the country.

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