Nuhud committee gives government 10 days to implement demands

The Supreme Committee tasked with implementing popular decisions in Al-Nuhud announced the end of its sit-in, the opening of the oil field and the return of the assets it seized from the mineral resources company working in the Fouda area, and gave the authority ten days to implement its demands.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Security Committee of West Kordofan State held a meeting with the Higher Committee at the Al-Nuhud sit in, demanding an end to the sit in, and asking the committee to give the state a period of “one month” so that it can implement its demand.

The committee had already secured a number of measures to help solve community development problems and the environmental impact presented by the oil industry.

The Supreme Committee insisted on “escalation” and “not relinquishing its demands.”

The committee decided to give the government authorities a period of no more than ten days for its demands to be implemented, or else the committee promised it would “re-escalate without a concession.”

According to local press reports, the Balila field witnessed tensions after citizens from the area stormed the site, detained the workers inside their housing and prevented them from attending their shifts at the oil field.

The protest movement, currently led by youth,  had previously submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Oil and Energy calling for development, services, and employment opportunities for people of the region, and to address the deterioration of services.

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