Communist Party mocks signatories’ objection to Juba amendments

The spokesman for the Communist Party, Fathi Fadl, described the armed movements’ refusal to amend the peace agreement as “a funny thing,” and called those refusing the amendment “dreamers.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Communist Party criticized the leaders of the armed movements who refuse amendments to the Juba Peace Agreement, signed October 2020 between the Sudanese government the Revolutionary Front and other factions.

The spokesman for the Communist Party, Fathi Fadl, said that everyone who refuses to amend the agreement or remains in supports is “dreaming.”

Fadl, in a statement made to Al Jarida newspaper, said that the Juba agreement signatories will not be able to implement the document.

Fadl described the refusal to amend the peace agreement as a “funny thing, no more, no less.”

He wondered if the peace agreement can be implemented in its current state before declaring that the political forces in the country were against the peace agreement in its current form.

The spokesman of the Communist Party pointed out that the revolutionary front has the right to reject the amendment altogether, and wondered whether this rejection would be practical, before reaffirming that their rejection would be nothing short of a “fantasy.”

The transitional government and the Revolutionary Front, an armed coalition, signed an agreement in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, in late 2020.

The agreement came with the intention of ending decades of armed conflicts in the regions of Darfur, Blue Nile, and South Kordofan.

It is noteworthy that most signatories to the Juba Agreement supported the October 25th coup and their leader were among the few who have retained their sovereign and executive positions post the coup.

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