Wajdi Salih on his fugitive designation: “I did not and will not run away”

The Public Prosecution Office in Sudan designated the leader of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, Wajdi Salih Abdo, a fugitive in a criminal complaint.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Wajdi Salih, ex-member of the previous, disbanded Empowerment Removal Committee, via a video post on his Facebook page, said that the allegations brought against him were nothing but “attempts to intimidate, tarnish his reputation and assassinate his character,” and confirmed that he is in his home in Sudan.

Prosecutor’s announcement

The Supreme Public Prosecutor in Khartoum, Othman Ahmed Idris, had circulated an announcement published in the newspapers on Wednesday calling for the arrest of Wajdi Salih Abdo for being a “fugitive.”

The announcement said that “based on the information available, I am led to believe that after the issuance of the warrant for your arrest, you fled or hid yourself in an attempt to prevent the law from being carried out,” Idris said in his newspaper posting.

“With this, I ask you to surrender yourself to the nearest police station within a period not exceeding one week from the date of publishing this announcement. I also ask the public to help arrest him,” he continued.

A Fugitive Conspiracy

For his part, Wajdi Salih responded during the video recording, saying that several attempts were being made to intimidate him.

“For those who try to tarnish my reputation or assassinate my character, I am a son of this great people, breastfed from our mothers and imbued with the true values of the Sudanese people, the first of which is manliness, which I will not abandon,” Salih said.

Salih revealed that the recent announcement concealed that the complaint was forwarded by the commissioner of the Ministry of Finance to help suggest that a Sudanese citizen had opened a complaint against him.

“I am not a fugitive and am present in the streets, in seminars, in my house, and even the detective knows where my house it because he lives in the same neighborhood,” he continued.

He described the deputy prosecutor as being “unfit” due to him following orders issued by the coup leadership and violating the law and justice.

Distorted Image

Salih also said attempts have been made to undermine him since before the October 25th coup led, where he was banned from traveling in September 2021 as a step among many taken before the actual coup.

He also brought attention to his arrest the morning of the coup and his solitary confinement until November 2021, and accusations made against him under criminal law for “inciting discontent in the armed forces.”

Salih said that when he was released, they told him that there were reports that would move according to the position of the coup authority. He noted that their positions after that witnessed by the Sudanese people.

He indicated that he was arrested with former Sovereign Council member Muhammad Al-Faki Suleiman last February, and others who worked in the previous Empowerment Removal Committee, and it was proven that the case file lacked any evidence to build on, and after three months, the judge refused to renew their detention due to lack of evidence.

In April, a decision was issued to write off the case for lack of evidence and Wajdi reportedly only knew about it by following up with his lawyer on October 1st.
The court had recently refused a complaint against Wajdi Salih for lack of evidence to allow the communication procedures to proceed.

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