Sudan and Ethiopia agree on dialogue to solve differences

After a rough patch, both Sudanese and Ethiopian governments have agreed to sit down to resolve their differences.

Kharotum: AlTaghyeer

A meeting took place on Saturday between the leader of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Sovereignty council in Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed in Ethiopia.

Both Sudanese and Ethiopian leaders, on Saturday, hinged their hopes for a solution to both the border and the Renaissance Dam issue on dialogue.

Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, said that he has no intentions to harm Sudanese interests with the dam and promised the dam would deliver “great returns for Sudan”.

The Sudanese delegation, led by al-Burhan, asked that both Sudan and Egypt be more involved in the Renaissance Dam operations to guarantee their interests are considered

Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt were involved in a dispute over the operation of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that persists until this day.

Sudan and Ethiopia also had a falling out after al-Burhan spread Sudanese troops along al-Fashaga border area during the Tigray conflict late 2020.

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