Sudanese army confirms 8 killed 11 wounded in Lagwa

The Sudanese army media confirmed that 6 people were killed and 9 wounded during tribal
violence in Lagwa city, West Kordofan state.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A number of houses were burned and private properties looted in the Kordofai and Debkaya neighborhoods during tribal clashes that erupted two days ago.
The official spokesman for the Sudanese armed forces explained in a press circular that the frictions that occurred between two local tribes from the region have left 8 dead and “6” wounded on one side, and “6” dead and “5” on the other side.
“The military force in the region, consisting of the armed forces, rapid support and police, intervened and over two days and quelled the conflict, evacuated the injured, and secured the local market and vital facilities,” the spokesman said.
He said that the State Security Committee was dealing with the situation closely to prevent it escalating and to arrest the perpetrators.
The army appealed to the warring tribes to preserve the historical peaceful coexistence between them and to refrain from violence, and stressed that the responsible authorities are working to guarantee security and rights of citizenship, as the “homeland can accommodate everyone.”
People Involved
A tribal leader from one of the sides of the conflict accused a rebel movement belonging to the Abdelaziz Al-Hilu wing of being responsible for the fighting that took place in the city of Laqwa, accusing it of violating a ceasefire agreement.
Social media users in Sudan also accused the SPLM- Hilu wing of being involved in the tribal violence that took place in the region.
The head of the popular movement in government-controlled areas, Muhammad Youssef Al-Mustafa, denied these accusations.
He described the accusations as unreasonable, stating that the city of Laqwa was outside the the movement’s control, and stressed that it was not on its agenda to attack any area and breach ceasefire.

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