African Council schools dismiss 20 teachers over strike

The African Council for Private Education schools dismissed 20 male and female teachers after they went on strike over salary demands.

AlTaghyeer : Elfadil Ibrahim

The Islamic Dawa Organization, owner of the African Council schools, handed the striking teachers letters terminating their service.

The African Council for Private Education schools are affiliated with the Islamic Dawa Organization, which was confiscated by the Empowerment Removal Committee before the organization regained it by a judicial decision after the October 25th coup in Sudan.

Sources told AlTaghyeer the teachers’ strike was greatly successful in a number of council schools in the states, especially the Red Sea states and schools in both Gezira and Kassala states.

The sources revealed that a strike carried out in the Al-Zubayr bin Al-Awam school was 100% successful.

In the Juwayriya school, 4 striking teachers all received letters of termination, and similarly in Dhat al-Nataqain school, 5 teachers had their service terminated.

AlTaghyeer managed to obtain a list of all teachers whose service was terminated due to the strike, and they are:

1- Ruwaida Ahmed Abdullah

2- Nusaiba Abdullah Muhammad Saeed

3- Amani Mohamed Ibrahim

4- Khadija Suleiman Muhammad Othman

5- Umnia Awad Jar al-Nabi

6- Al-Shifa Saleh Muhammad Ali

7- Nizar Awad Al-Sayed Muhammad Hamed

8- Howaida Hassan Hajj Abdullah

9- Aladdin Saleh Juma

10- Amani Muhammad Al-Hassan Nour Al-Dayem

11- Nima Bakhit Abdul Hadi

12- Hanan Hassan Sheikh Idris

13-Zahra Muhammad Ibrahim

14- Abdullah Muhammad Othman

15- Muhammad Mustafa Fadl

16-Mohamed Mahmoud Adam

17- Othman Abdel Wahab Shakak

18- Mohamed Awad Abdel Makram

19- Ali Muhammad Ali Musa Al-Qadi

20- Zaki Mostafa Bahiri

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