US pleads Sudan authorities refrain from violence against protesters

The United States of America called on the ruling military authority in Sudan to refrain from violence against the demonstrators out on October 21st commemorating the 58th anniversary of the October 1964 revolution.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Sudanese Resistance Committees called for protests commemorating the ’64 October revolution, and to continue resisting the October 25, 2021 coup, until its overthrow.

The United States of America renewed its support for a civilian-led transitional government in Sudan truthful to the December revolution slogans.

” On the eve of the anniversary of the 1964 October Revolution, we remain focused on supporting restoration of a civilian-led transitional government and the realization of the December Revolution’s ideals: freedom, peace, and justice for Sudan,” the US embassy in Khartoum said on its official Twitter account.

“Security forces must refrain from using violence against protesters, and we urge those who participate in protests to do so in a peaceful manner,” the embassy added.

The October 21st processions come in the midst of the worst wave of civil violence in recent months, in several areas in the Blue Nile region and the city of Lagawa in West Kordofan, which have claimed hundreds of lives and displaced thousands so far.

While civil strife is raging due to the spread of weapons, the ruling military authority has not shown any in intervening.

The coup authority practiced routine work on Thursday  casually, while the Ministry of Interior seemed indifferent to what was going on.

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